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Housekeeper Agency Nanny Agency Hampshire Agency for Nannies Romsey based Housekeeper Agency Nanny Agency in Romsey, Hampshire

Kingdon Global aim to help you find the right staff that fit in with your family. We take on the responsibility and time consuming search for the candidates for your personal consideration.

Whether you are seeking a Nanny, Housekeeper, Maternity Nurse, Butler, Gardener, Chauffeur or Estate Manger, we will advertise your position on our website and other media to attract interest specific to your requirements. In order to ensure we do this correctly, we discuss with you in detail your particular needs and do our absolute best to take all factors into account before referring any candidate to you. This saves you the time and energy meeting candidates who clearly do not fit your profile. Private Household Staff positions are personal and unlike other workplace positions, need to fit comfortably as well as having the ability to carry out the work required. We recognise how important it is to help you find the right person for the role.

Put your trust in us and we guarantee to interview thoroughly all suitable candidates and scrutinise references, acquiring written and verbal reference checks to ensure their validity prior to engagement of any personnel.

We offer you, confidence and peace of mind that the search for a staff member is being carried out professionally, whilst providing you with the opportunity to carry on with your daily commitments without concern. We offer an extremely personal approach to helping you, which we trust you will find invaluable.

Please read our terms and conditions and see our fee rates.

For any further information regarding our agency or to make an enquiry in search for staff please contact us.



When a move is essential due to work or personal circumstances, amongst the many factors to deal with, Childcare, new school places and a new environment can be extremely distressing. At Kingdon Global, we would like to take the pressure away and help you in your search for a Nanny or Housekeeper or perhaps you may require other staff: Gardener, Butler, Chauffeur? Trust us to help you to make the move a little easier.

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